Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A Magentic Blind - So Clever

magnetic blind by Florian Krautli
I found this over at Mocoloco yesterday and I want one. When I sit at my desk in the window the views are to die for but by mid afternoon the sun shines straight in my eyes therefore I have to lower the blind. This one is full of little gold magnets so you can push it up anyhow. I wouldn't miss the sun sculpting the hillsides if I had one of these.
From Florian Krautli


rochambeau said...

OMG That is AMAZING!! I'm in awe!

paris parfait said...

Cool and useful! Bravo! xo

Helen-LG said...

What a fantastic idea! I'd love to have one in our office, I hope she finds a producer to get these out onto the market.