Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Big Rusty Greenhouses

la Petite Serre de Nantes
I found this stunning French site selling Big Rusty Greenhouses and all the stuff that goes in them to turn them in to fabulous rooms. I love it so much I have visited to many times to be good for me since I found it.
The shop is in Nantes which is a bit far to visit on a whim. I even love its name - la Petite Serre de Nantes

la Petite Serre de Nantes

la Petite Serre de Nantes
la Petite Serre de Nantes


design dna said...

that would be the ultimate light specimen! i could get all kinds of scenarios going on in there!

Mélanie said...

I would love to go there too. But even if I'm in France, that is too far from me too ! May be you are even closer !

Julie at BV said...

Wow, this is the kind of places that you can go and spend the day looking at all the gorgeous pieces without even realizing you haven't eating anything in the entire day.

Diane MacNaughtan said...

Oh... Just beautiful!!! I just want to make it to Europe one
I love your art and your Blog. I am so glad I found you!

rochambeau said...

Great find Di!
what a suberb blend of elegance, nature, old and new. This place has a soul. One that speaks to me too!

Happy Valentine's Day!

paris parfait said...

Oh the French with their design skills - nobody can match them! The way they style things; the flair with which they combine old and new - c'est magnifique, n'est pas? xo