Tuesday, January 22, 2008

What On Earth Is This?

Any Ideas?
Post your ideas in the comments and I will let you know who got it tomorrow.


Julie at BV said...

It's an eight... Duh I'll be back to morrow to see what it is.

Inspired Tokens said...

Well...it's definetly and eight! Perhaps a logo of some kind, but for what I'm not sure...eight creative people?

k8theriver said...

a toy car track

Anonymous said...

a bench

macaonghus said...

A sofa?

Lala Ema said...

It's a paper clip in the shape of a beautiful red 8 ?

rochambeau said...

I wanted to guess art for a race track until I came to my senses and remembered I'm at DESIGNERS BLOCK!!
so is it a charm to hang off of a chain, perhaps for a cause?

cruststation said...

Humm...I love these guessing games, I have no idea.

somepinkflowers said...

that is a fabulous belt buckle
that you attach to thin strips
of black, matt-finished leather
then wear with a black pencil skirt
that has a slit cut high in the back
which you wear with a white lacy blouse
at the neckline
so as to not be so frumpy looking.


it COULD be.

or maybe it is something else
all together useful
in its own way...

corine @ Hidden In France said...

I want to play too!

Two seats with backs away from each other, aerial view.


the number 8.

Magnus said...

Stylish but not very effective handcuffs for the fashion police?

Flights of Fab Fashion Fancy said...

Can't wait to see what it is. Could it be a bottle opener?

Jennifer R. said...

it looks like an eight, but im sure its a trick and it may be something else.....

Jen Ramos
'100% Recycled DESIGNER Cards'

kenju said...

It is an infinity symbol, and I love the idea of using it as a belt buckle!

Marta said...

bottle opener???

Debbie Miller of Onion Patch said...

I think it's a bench shaped like the number 8.

Lenka said...

From my experience in physics, discrete math and algebra it looks like an interminable (you just need to rotate the picture 90 degrees and viola!) - Existing or occurring without interruption or endless. Sign of beauty, love and life to me.