Tuesday, January 29, 2008

One Day Back In 2004

belsay hall quarry garden
On a miserable Saturday back in 2004 I wandered off on my own. I was feeling very down due to business pressures and I was still trying to get used to Charlotte being in Paris. I decided to go and walk in the Quarry Garden at Belsay Hall not far from our house. It is the most peaceful place and even if there are other people there there are so many little corners and hideaways you always feel alone.
Anyway I digress. When I arrived there I found there was an exhibition in the Hall and it included this fabulous horse designed by Stella McCartney made entirely from Swarovski crystals. I walked round and round it for an age and it lifted my heart.
I just thought I would try and share that day with you.
stella mccartney crystal horse
stella mccartney crystal horse

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paris parfait said...

That is quite something! And lucky you, to live so close to such a wonderful place. Let's face it, you live in a gorgeous area! xo