Wednesday, January 16, 2008

MacBook Air - Eat Your Heart Out Bill Gates

MacBook Air
This is the new MacBook Air from Apple. Isn't it wonderful? The slimmest notebook yet.
I am a BIG Apple fan. I use a PC only because I have to. I used to use Macs all the time and they are THE BEST. You never get a virus and they speak to you in simple language not that Bill Gates gobbildy gook that PCs use and don't even get me going on Windows and that new Vista crap.
Harvey as a Mac and every so often I just go and tinker - my name is Di and I am a Mac junkie.
MacBook Air
MacBook Air


paris parfait said...

I love the look and idea of a laptop that's so thin. But of course it needs a lot of attachments, which would have to be carried around with you as well - defeating the purpose of having such a lightweight laptop. I've never learned to love a Mac. We all seem to become attached to whatever computer we first used and stick with it forever!

Jennifer R. said...

i LOVE Mac too and i agree with all you say, however...i love my macbook pro and wouldnt buy one of those just yet. BUT the cool thing about those new air macs is that they are GREEN...which i am all that is the only reason i would upgrade. Just cant now...mine is relatively mine last year.

Jen Ramos
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andrew said...

what is it with the wedding ring on the guy doing the macbook air presentation? bit turn off for non marrying types

rochambeau said...

Hats off to Apple,
Everything about this company blows me away. I waited many years to buy the Mac of my dreams, and I don't regret it one bit!

Sent you your mag yesterday.