Tuesday, January 08, 2008

LFG Sale Starts 9th January. Only The Prices Change

little fashion gallery sale
Two new babies arrived before and after Christmas and I duly went to The Little Fashion Gallery to buy the gifts. I had been sent a 50% off promotion code before Christmas because I subscribe to their newsletter. I was THRILLED and when I received the items only the cost had been cut. The packaging and the little extras (such as a fabulous Cardboard Theatre to make up) were as always exemplary. The items themselves, no matter what price they are are always placed in a beautifully made, cotton, drawstring bag and everything wrapped in tissue paper inside a box. The French certainly know how to present a product.

So all in all it was well worth subscribing to be first in the queue for the sale. Some people have to sleep outside the shop to get bargains like this.
Sale starts 9th January and go and subscribe - you would be stupid not to.
little fashion gallery gift packaging

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Babelfish said...

I agree, their packaging is stunning!