Monday, January 28, 2008

Even More From Paristic

decals from paristic
Paristic is a seriously great site for decals. They have come up with even more Parisian icons for your walls and look another staircase!
decals from paristic
decals from paristic
decals from paristic


paris parfait said...

I do like the staircases. But as much as I love Art Nouveau, wouldn't want that metro sign in my apartment. I mean, who would want to live in the Paris metro??!! xo

Passementerie said...

How fabulous! I am in two minds about the Paris metro one though - one the one hand, it's completely gorgeous and wonderful, on the other hand... well, they're not the most salubrious of places, really, are they? Lovely decals on the whole though - thank you for posting them!

FrenchGardenHouse said...

HI! Love the staircase...could really use that one, now that this house we live in is all one floor.:)

Thanks for visiting and for entering my blog GIVE AWAY!
xo Lidy

rochambeau said...

A new and modern twist on an old idea. Fabulous!

Maryam in Marrakesh said...

I think that these might be the best decals I have ever seen. Di, have you taken the decal plunge yet?

Lala Ema said...

It seems decals are quite in at the moment. I do like the little horse on the merry go round. thank you for the link. i'll check it.

Referring to your former post on beautiful Hermes scarves, you're lucky to have the latest book on how to tie them. I've got one dating back from late 90s and I wonder whether they invent new ways of tying the scarves over the years.