Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Buttons and Bowlers

bowler bowls industreal
How's this for serendipity? I found these Bowler Hat bowls and these Button Plates yesterday within 1 minute of each other.
The Bowler Bowls are from Industreal in Italy and the Button Plates are from Kiki World in the Netherlands and I get to use the title BUTTONS AND BOWLERS. Hah!
bowler bowls industreal
button plates kiki world
button plates kiki world


paris parfait said...

Very clever!

rochambeau said...

You're hilarious!

Helen-LG said...

Fantastic. I love the 4hole button plate - not so keen on the other, chunkier one..

I don't think I could have one of those bowls though - I'd have to constantly fight the urge to wear it!