Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Banksy Says It All For Me

This picture by Banksy certainly makes you think. Study it and you will see what I mean. Yes we need news and disasters and wars need to be reported but how invasive is it? The jury is out on this one.


Babelfish said...

A very powerful message...heartfelt and unfortunately true.

paris parfait said...

Well there has to be a balance between reporting the truth and being sensitive to privacy. I was watching an Arabic television report last night about when Saddam Hussein used chemical warfare on the Kurds and the photos were graphic and shocking of all the dead bodies, including children. And Spanish television had very graphic footage of the Madrid train bombings. Most Western media reports a sanitized version of these horrific events. Maybe if we looked at the horror full in the face, we would start to make changes in our world. As it is, I think people are desensitised to violence, via movies and video games.

Colin Chaperon said...

@paris parfait:

My perception of the Bansky's message is that reporting is a higher priority than intervention. Actually doing something is more important than reporting -and don't give me the 'the more people know the more they'll do about it' stuff. I don't see the privacy issue here. Stroking of beards and wringing of hands is societal masturbation. Effecting change will affect a positive change not more breaking news. I agree that US reporting is moderated and IMO dumbed down.

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