Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Avant Scene - Weird But Wonderful

Mark Brazier-Jones console table
Mark Brazier-Jones

I suppose you already know that I love weird furniture. Well I really love these designs from Avant Scene in France. It may even be in competition with my Ghost Furniture but hey I'm too old to be competitive anyway.
Elizabeth Garouste chair
Elizabeth Garouste
Hubert Le Gall cupboard
Hubert Le Gall
Hubert Le Gall chair
Hubert Le Gall


paris parfait said...

I was about to say that first piece looks a lot like your Ghost Furniture! I like the flower pot chair. So adorable, especially if there are small children in the household.

tongue in cheek said...

I agree with Tara. Looks like you have someone who shares the same sense of design.

the dresser is so very chic!

rochambeau said...

Cool, but not Ghost!!

Babelfish said...

So very you! (hey, are you sure they didn't steal you ideas?)