Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Weather Here

view from donkleywood
The weather where I live is very strange. For instance in the bottom picture the whole of the village below our little hamlet disappeared the day before yesterday - it's in that mist somewhere, then yesterday the world turned white with frost and that top image is what I saw when I got up and when I shut the blinds yesterday afternoon.
Today it's just ordinary but it's always beautiful.
view above falstone


kstyle said...

Your photos and your town are absolutely beautiful. My son the photographer loves the mist and the fog. Always makes for such a surreal sort of photo. so lovely. k

paris parfait said...

Both images are gorgeous. And having seen the view in person, I think you and Harvey are incredibly lucky.

Flights of Fab Fashion Fancy said...

Oh my gosh! The frost image is sooo beautiful! What a joy it must be to live in such a lovely place!

rochambeau said...

Looks pretty much like heaven to me.

Babelfish said...

You have postcard scenery that part of the country, lucky you!