Tuesday, December 04, 2007

My Christmas List - Laduree

laduree christmas
Each Day on the run up to Christmas I will post items I would put on a Christmas List. Not a soul will take any notice but a girl can dream.
Not wanting to be greedy here but I would love to have all these items from Laduree in my Christmas stocking.
laduree christmas
laduree christmas


Erin said...

Ah, Laduree macaroons - that would be a heavenly treat on Christmas morning for sure!

rochambeau said...

Oh Yes,
One of each please!
YES indeedy, a girl can dream! So can her friend!!

Didn't know they have a fans or an umbrellas at Laduree's!! Love em.

Hope all is well!

Flights of Fab Fashion Fancy said...

Oh my! I'm putting the box of 55 assorted macaroons on my list!

cityfarmer said...

Dreamin, I'll dream with you...and vote on all your favs.

Dino said...

Dear Di, Greetings from San Francisco. I would also love these Laduree gifts, but you deserve them. Your generosity is boundless and the way you present the goodies - always a ray of sunshine. Happy holidays and cheers.