Friday, November 23, 2007

Nathkipeint - Is This Really Plasticine?

Nathkipeint Artiste Plasticienne
I found these via that wonderful blog Hidden In France. Now it says Artiste Plasticienne on the site but I find it hard to believe that these are made from plasticine. Anyway whatever they are made from they are truly delighful.
From Nathalie Moulinier
Nathkipeint Artiste Plasticienne
Nathkipeint Artiste Plasticienne


paris parfait said...

Yes, aren't these adorable? I have seen them around Paris and they disappear fast.

Angel said...

Incredible! Fascinating! I can't take my eyes off them...

corine@ Hidden In France said...

Hi Di, thanks for mentioning my wee blog. "plasticienne" in French doesn't imply the use of plastecine necessarily, but of a way of working with a three dimentional medium such as carving,sculpting, clay etc..

rochambeau said...

I like these Plasticine figurines. I like Corine's blog too!! She like you is always introducing me to new wonders!!

Hope things are feeling better around there!!
Have you received your grapes???