Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Meet My New Laptop

sony vaio
I now have a new laptop. My last one caught 2 nasty viruses and actually thought it was French as it caught one in Paris.
I have stuck to Sony just because the screen resolution is the best. Actually I bought this white model as it looked the nearest to a Mac of which I am a great fan but it's a PC world so a PC I must have.


Lori Pickert said...

once you go mac you'll never go back ;^)

paris parfait said...

Well hooray for your new laptop! As for the Mac, I've never been a fan. I know people who use Macs swear by them, but once you're used to PCs, that's it! And I am loyal to my HP Pavilion laptop, which has a widescreen and good screen resolution. xo

Anonymous said...

So true Lori, those who aren't fans of Mac are intimidated, due to the act that Mac's are more advance and it's like learning how to use a computer again. It is a PC driven world, so why not stand out with a sexy Mac! Also, I have everything Mac and I have yet to catch a virus......huge PLUS! You should try it Di, you'll fall in love!

samantha said...

lori - i say that all the time! its so very true.

di - i was afraid to get a mac because i thought it would be hard to learn a new operating system and hard to continue working from home since most applications are pc based. i was very wrong. macs are incredibly intuitive. prices are higher but they come standard with programs that you have to purchase when you have a pc. when i bought my mac and asked the mac guy if they had virus software he looked at me like i was crazy and said, "macs don't get viruses." mac also goes out of their way to make sure you can use any program a pc uses -- they even let you operate the windows operating system along with the mac os. like two computers in one but without the pc hiccups. you simply switch to whichever you would like to use for the day.

i could go on but my pinkberry is melting ;)