Thursday, November 01, 2007

Live In Paris - Well Sort Of

If you've a yearning to live in Paris but just can't make it a reality then go and buy some of these decals from Paristic.
You can get them in numerous colours. I would love to do a black wall with white image on - look at that kitchen. Wonderful stuff.
Big thanks to Laissez Faire Design for originally showing this.


paris parfait said...

Ha ha - had to laugh at that last slogan - so typically Parisien! xo

Queenie said...

I love the bird, went to the site but couldn't see how to order. Is it my age??????

Ryan at LG said...

The contrast between white and black is very striking and and they're slick clean cut designs which work well.

Nathalie said...

Hi Queenie

Click on the product you'd like to buy.
Then if you are still interested, add to the cart - for Paristic "Ajouter au Panier".

Nice blog Di