Monday, November 05, 2007

Holding It In

vollers corsets
I watched a programme on TV last night all about the corset through the ages. This UK company - Vollers - has been around since 1899. I admire so much companies that keep on going through good and bad times without losing their way.
Vollers produces some stunning corsets - under the bust, over the bust, corset jewelry and even corset art.
I always am a bit dubious about anything that holds you in - it's got to come out somewhere else.
vollers corsets
vollers corsets
vollers corsets


Queenie said...

AAAARG!!! it would make my bust size double (like you say it has to go somewhere.... Really wish I could wear something like that, and I'm sure Math would!!!!!

ParisBreakfasts said...

You Brits are so naughty!
And on TV no less..
A history program! my eye
For the gents no doubt

Ulla said...

I love the look and the whole idea, but my figure would pop out at the wrong places too... The necklaces are wonderful though, and not so tight!!!