Thursday, November 01, 2007

A Great Big Thank You To The Hosts

skull choclates

Yesterday I flew on my feathered broomstick, ghost tampons in hand and visited Bloglandia Hall at the request of Constance, Gillian and LisaOceanDreamer.

It was a wonderful party and I met loads of new and talented people. Tara gave me green champagne which gave me a massive headache but she blamed hers on her head dress (Huh).

This is my gift to my guests for making me so welcome and not scaring me sh*!less and again THANK YOU!


rochambeau said...

Oh thank you very much!! Did I mention I like chocolates? Didn't get to eat enough of my own chocolates last night, so don't mind if I do!!

Watch out!! That green slime will give you a hangover ever time!!

paris parfait said...

It was fun, wasn't it - despite the headaches from the green slime champagne! :) xo