Friday, November 09, 2007

Do You See What I See - Part Two

ghost furniture still life table

I swear the Ghost Furniture website is done but the Press Release isn't so bear with me until I do it and send it out, it won't be long - honest.
As a consolation I have put together another Do You See What I See post. I really don't know if other people see what I see - maybe I am just weird.

ghost furniture wotnot

ghost furniture dinner for one table
ghost furniture bowl of fruit


Ilva said...

I see what you see!

paris parfait said...

You have a wonderful eye, Di! Keep seeing and creating. xo

rochambeau said...

Chomping at the bit to see your site!!
Have fun today creating the ghost furniture and the press release.

cruststation said...

Everything is looking fabulous, especially loving the fruit basket and the painted table, you are amazingly creative.

Queenie said...

Di, its great to see what you see.

Anonymous said...

I didn't the first time, but I do with this set of photos. What a lovely way to look at things. I adore the daisies.