Monday, October 15, 2007

Who's The Fairest? - Mirror Mirror On The Web

Mirror Mirror On The Web gifts
If any of you out there is looking to buy me a great big gift then here is my choice from Mirror Mirror:
A Set of Hummingbird Latte Cups and Tray
Tea Towels by Grace & Go
A Pink Pearl Bracelet by Abigail Percy
and my all time favourite - A Black Lace Tablecloth by Pearl Lowe
Not much to ask but don't forget to get me it all wonderfully gift wrapped in one of those boxes.
How Paola does it I do not know. She runs this UK based site from Seattle with some help over here of course but it still astounds me how she manages it.
Mirror Mirror On The Web gifts
Mirror Mirror On The Web gifts
Mirror Mirror On The Web gifts
Mirror Mirror On The Web gifts


paris parfait said...

Yes, I like Paola's things and her site. Lovely selection you've made. xo

Kelly said...

loooove the migs!!! they're gorgeous.

kstyle said...

I want a set of those latte cups in fact I want a latte right now.k

Maryam in Marrakesh said...

Wow. Fantastic!

paola said...

Di - thanks so much! *Blushes*.

I'm not quite sure how/if (?)I manage either. Have spent the weekend wrestling with a useless hosting company and a non-existent website. Sometimes I REALLY hate technology. Grrr.

For those of you who want to buy, I'm hoping the site will be up and running tomorrow...

cruststation said...

I love the black lace table-cloth and the lace pattern tea towel, great picks!!

cd&m said...

I really hope that SOMEONE is taking note of these things for your Christmas pressies, personally I just fell in love with the bracelet.

designdna said...

i feel really good about that black lace tablecloth.