Thursday, October 18, 2007

Cabbages & Roses New Website

cabbages and roses
Go and take a look at Cabbages and Roses new website. An anonymous comment here at Designers Block the other day led me to this new site. Wonderful, wonderful items and images though you still have to send an email if you want to order anything. I'm not sure why there's no shopping basket but this is one fabulous company.
Christina Strutt has a great eye for design and is so my sort of person. We met at the House and Garden Fair a couple of years ago and she is great fun and totally off the wall but so clever.
cabbages and roses

cabbages and roses
cabbages and roses


paris parfait said...

I do like her stuff - I have her first book Cabbages and Roses. But methinks it's time to sort out the online shopping bit - after all, Cath Kidston did it, very successfully.

cruststation said...

Stunning photography and styling, I love the country theme.

tongue in cheek said...

their photography is stunning. it brings such romance and emotion.

FrenchGardenHouse said...

I love this new site, as I love their name....brilliant!
The photography is stunning, and so evocative...

Gowri said...

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