Saturday, July 21, 2007

I Want One of These

gaggenau lift oven
The trouble with doing a design blog is that you want almost everything you review. This oven is so clever, it lowers the shelf for you to place whatever you want to put in the oven then lifts it up into place. Now that's clever. It has an optional rotisserie but is not available outside the US where it will be available from October 2007.
As usual we in Europe will have to wait. From Gaggenau


Anonymous said...

Very futuristic, an absolute must-have for gadget lovers.

paris parfait said...

That is very clever. And speaking of having to wait in Europe, why is it that we still can't find a decent washing machine in the UK or France? They waste so much time and energy, as opposed to the quick, efficient ones in the US. It's the thing I miss most about living in America.