Monday, August 21, 2006

Anyone Remember Prefabs?

After the second world war my parents who then lived in London where promised a house in a land fit for heroes. This took 11 years to happen at which point they were given a prefabricated bungalow. I was 5 at the time and can vividly remember moving in. It was in East Acton, West London and it had all modern amenitites. Everything was built in, we even had a fridge which was at that time an item only very rich people had. We even had a garden.
These properties looked the same all over the UK and the big shame is that there are only a handful left.
I found these images on the net the other day and they took me back to a very happy time. Builders today could learn a lot from these houses. Certainly worth waiting 11 years for.


Frank Fahy said...

Was these the prefabs in acton park or trinity way.Very happy memories.

Di Overton said...

Trinity Way. Small world eh?